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the start

This is how you get your WAB administration sorted for employees on-call.

The dutch WAB (Wet Arbeidsmarkt in Balans) brings along new measures for among others employees on-call or flex workers. As employer you have to offer a permanent employment for people. The administration needs to keep track of accepted and declined offers, optionally by storing a signed confirmation document. When accepted the employment type changes, as does the salary structure. If you want to manage this process with SuccessFactors alone, the process experience and datamanagement is far from ideal.

How do you inform the concerning persons about the implications of the WAB measures in advance of the offer? How to enable decentralized digital administration? How to configure the system for the organisation with flex workers? How to prevent manual labour in the form of sending multiple printed personalized letters including instructions? How to omit the file cabinet filled with paperwork? We have addressed all these issues of the administration for a couple of organisations already.


3000 pers. processed

4 systems

1 process


WAB administration

Decentralised system

Good process experience

Decreased workload

Prevents data flaws

The products

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the implementation

This is the WAB process setup.

In colaboration with the client, we have used our products to make the WAB administration as easy as possible and inform concerning employees prior to making a employment offer.

Step 1

Before unexpectedly getting an employment offer, it might be pleasent to receive information beforehand. What will be your role in the process and what does the offer mean for your situation? To enable this the Document Manager can generate a personalized informative letter for all concerning people. Next this letter will get e-mailed to these persons, with a personalized message as well.

Step 2
Employment offer + choice processing

When the concerning coworkers have received the information, a HR colleague can set a tentative data mutation in the database. The tentative data mutation will get processed, or not, depending on the approval of the employee. The tentative mutation is simplified by only requiring the minimal amount of data in the Data Manager from the HR colleague. The data will get enriched by the configured available data from SuccessFactors. After the approval an official confirmation letter can get generated, sent by mail, then digitally signed and stored using the Document Manager.

Step 3 (optional)
Mutate Employment type and salary structure

Pass along which persons get which salary structure and or employment type. The HR colleague uses the Data Manager to process the changes to SuccessFactors, again in a simplified manner.

the change

Awesome results.

This implementation achieves multiple results for your organisation.

WAB administration
First of all, congratulations, you have an administration that is well equipped to administer the mandatory WAB data for flex workers.

A pleasant process experience for employees
Moreover, the Document Manager and the Data Manager ensure a pleasant process for the concerning people that qualify for a more permanent employment type. The system can be used repeatedly, because every term a new set of people will qualify. First inform, then ask for a choice and confirmation. This gives people time to get acquainted with the topic before having to make the choice.

Decreased workload
If, by any chance, this administrative process is done by hand, the time expense will rise quickly, even when using SuccessFactors alone. Prevent the workload by choosing to work with us.

Prevent data flaws
If you want to offer a new employment contract with using SuccessFactors alone, unfortunately you have to change some data before the concerning person has approved anything. This change might even trigger other unwanted automatons. So if this person does not accept the offer, the mutation, and maybe other processes, need revision again.

Additional advantages

Low error margins
The Data Manager is specifically built to prevent data flaws, whilst importing, exporting and migrating. It simplifies the data that needs to be provided, by harassing a smart data enrichment configuration. The resulting data set will change the data in SuccessFactors

Decentralized operations
The Data Manager offers more colleagues can have the right to initiate the steps with a data upload. The Data Manager has the right authorisation, because it manage to retain a low error margin. This means more employees can have 24/7 access to this digitized administration.

the products

Document Manager

Digitize your documentation. Mass-generate, personalize, sign, send and store your documents. It works with Word and Excel.

Scheme of the Document Manager

Data manager

Manage data imports and exports of SuccessFacgors with certainty. Use the Data Manager to validate, enrich, modify import and export.

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Scheme of the Data Manager