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Even cow's milk needs the digital workplace

Because of our experience digitizing business processes we discovered companies wishes to have more control over HR expenses. During the first phase we discovered a digital system could simplify the process, whilst giving the organisation more control. Moreover, the same system could be used to become a personalized entry to corporate information and other systems for all employees.

By using IT cleverly, it could offer improvements to all levels of the organisation. And we delivered.

the implementation

From design to implementation

Through co-design sessions, together with the client, the functional requirements, required systems and necessary data got determined. During those sessions designs are measured with the initial requirements and new insights to come to an even more descriptive future functionality. One might even run into some unforeseen nuances. How is it going to work exactly and how would the system be as user friendly as possible.

Implementing the system for multiple countries elaborated the specifications. During implementation sessions some prototypes showed where to improve the system. Next the entire software solution was tested and before publication.

The implemented solution is a combination of two of Code Sharp products: the Digital Workplace and the Resource Center.


28.000 users

Live in 20 countries

4 integrations


HR Expense contol

Team capacity management

Automated vacancy publishing

The products

arrow-right Digital Workplacearrow-right Resource Center

the change

Awesome results.

For employees
The Digital Workplace is launched in 20 countries in multiple languages for every employee of the company that produces milk. Now everyone has a single entry for corporate info and company systems.

For managers & policy makers
A manager can digitally spend HR budget by requesting a new job position. This request needs to be approved by the budget responsible roles. Hence the policy is automatically ensured.

After approval the position will get published, with data from SuccessFactors for instance, to job board sites and vacancy sites. This workflow and automation simplifies a big portion of the process, thus providing a better experience for managers compared to doing this manually.

Sometimes, a decision needs backtracking by the policy makers, so to have enough transparency the products provide an auditing tool.

All in all, unifying data, systems and processes is a good investment into productive efficiency and Employee Experience.

the product

Digital Workplace

Give your employees a, 24/7 accessible, single entry to business systems and corporate information


Resource Center

Digitize policy and processes for acquiring HR. Simplified processes, transparency and automated integrations give your organisation the tools to manage HR on an (inter)national scale.

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