Digital Workplace

Manage all processes and information for your business in a personalized digital space

Unify your digital enterprise environments

Most, if not all, companies use multiple digital systems. Usually this means logging in every system to collect the necessary information for the process you are in. You have to perform actions in the right sequence and the right system. This way of working can cause mistakes and takes more time than necessary. Time to centralize information and processes with the digital workplace.

The digital workplace offers some standard functionalities. It can be extended with already available modules, tailored data integrations and custom solutions. Together they wil form the digital workplace your business needs.

This platform is accessible 24/7. The tools in the Digital Workplace are available based on roles a person has within the organisation. We have developped this product to be a flexible shell that facilitates processes from different systems in one digital environment.

Flexible set of functionalities

1 central dashboard for all colleagues
Information and tools per role specifically
Whitelabelling - Brand the Digital Workplace with your corporate Identity
Integrate enterprise systems like SuccessFactors and Office 365.
Single Sign On
Manage the intranet with the CMS
Keep control over your configurations
24/7 available on devices: PC, tablet and mobile
Tailor made request are welcome!

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Even cow's milk needs the digital workplace

Let's say you work at an international company with thousands of employees. How do you keep track of HR budgets, let alone control them? We have designed, developed and implemented a digital solution.  

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how we work

Agile feature development but standard

Step 0

A free first consult🖐

As you might have read, we can mean a lot for you when it comes to the development and maintenance of productive enterprise software.

Our configurable systems are suitable for a broad range of business processes. More often than not there are specific requirements and wishes to get your processes digitized. So the first step in a development process is getting to know you, so we can see if and how our product and service combination match your request.

StEp 1

Specifying your request

After getting acquainted we have a rough picture of what you are looking for. To start our collaboration, we like to know what the goal of the software feature is going to be, witch systems we are integrating with, what functionalities are required and how we are going to collaborate.

StEp 2

How is it going to work?

So, the specifications are correct and we have started the project. In the design fase we dive into questions like: What UI is what type of user going to see? What functionalities does it require us to develop. What are the steps and what does user "x" see? How do implement your brand identity. What delivers the best user experience possible? We do this to make the solution as effective as possible. We'll meet multiple times to adjust for opportunities.

StEp 3

Code & Test till its sharp

The previous steps have led to a realistic development plan. Our full stack coders team develops the web application for all types of devices and make sure the feature is accessible 24/7. During this phase we test a lot to validate if the system meets the specifications.

StEp 4


The software will reach a stage where it is mature and ready to be used to increase the productivity of your company. The systems can be elaborate, so we'll guide through the adoption period with workshops and the necessary documentation to be in control.


Maintenance & upgrades

Our complete control over technologies is essential for flexible and robust software. Hence, our platform core is subject to continuous improvement. We are also available for new features (starting at specification) or specific cases needing support from our side. We'll provide so you can focus on what you do best.

Ready to collaborate? Let's meet!