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3 Canal boats, 1.5m pizzas and micro ping

What do 3 canal boats, 1.5 pizzas and micro ping have in common? They were the essential ingredients for the team night in july 2020.

The program started with a cultural boat trip throught the old canals of Den Bosch. The 3 boats gave us enough "sneezing space". Whilst cruising the pristine waters we got to hear noumerous interesting historical tales about these canals.

After southing our intellectual needs it was time to turn to the needs and wants of our stumachs. We all ate 1.5m pizzas together. Who thinks the diameter of these pizzas was actually 1.5m has a hyperbolically optimistic regard of the processing speed and storage of our stumach pods.

To push our ping tests to the limits, we challenged each other. Answer every ping with "pong". The reaction speed was the metric. Our presumption is that the top score holds a reaction speed of 233,33 ms. The exact logging was not deployed. Although some pods failed on some pings, because some socially responsible fluids already passed the bottleneck, we had a lot of fun.

On to the next Team Night! Cheers!

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